I have found it amazing how poorly we communicate in our industry.  There is a lot of talk, but in terms of really communicating ideas, technology, value….we are terrible at it.  Take for example the word cloud.  Everyone talks about it; every one seems to be adopting it but if you ask them what does it mean, each will tell you something different.

The English language has a very large repository of words, maybe one of the largest among languages of the world, and yet we can’t find better ways to describe service offering used by thousands of companies.  I speak to customers/end users on daily bases and am disappointed in how confused they seem to be by all the marketing materials they read.  It seems that we have become so hype driven that we no longer take the time to actually explain what a given product or technology or service does.  We use generalized terms that mean great things but do…well, not clear what they do or why should anyone care really.  Do we want virtualization?  We don’t virtualize for virtualization sake nor do we chose the “cloud” for the sake of being is a shared environment.  I believe that if we chose our words more carefully, communicated more directly, we would have a more satisfied customer.  My goal is to make sure that when a question is asked, that I answer it in real terms.  I won’t say cloud, I will say either something as a service, managed hosting or shared infrastructure.  I won’t say just IOPS, I will talk about workload profile and latency requirements.  I want to make sure there is a clear distinction between lower, less expensive storage tier and an archive.  I don’t want to mislead, I want to lead and to do so I must communicate clearly and directly.