I often write about what works and doesn’t work in the world of channels. There are new challenges we encounter daily but most can be overcome with open communications.  Of course there are always risks associated with partnerships in a reseller model and every entity wants to minimize their exposure.  In the end though, the business defines how the partnership will work and legal then works to put it into terms that are acceptable to all parties.

As an example,  if the reseller will not be providing any post sale support, there is no need to have any wording that dictates how support will be managed.

This is how most discussions work; sometimes though, we come across an organization where legal dictates business terms.  The challenge with these situations is that legal operates without business context and, therefore, often puts terms that are hard to accept for a reseller because they don’t represent reality.  I think when forging a partnership, it is best to first discuss and agree on the business terms, and then put these into legal terms.  In all situations remember, a partnership has to be a win-win for all parties, otherwise, it won’t work.